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Dear Rachel

My therapist had me write letters to my past self as a part of my healing. This process helped me practice self-compassion. I'm currently going through some major life and family changes. This transition is heart-rending. I wrote a letter to myself this morning to articulate why this was necessary despite being difficult.

This is the highlight that I want to share from it because it's true for everyone. If you don't have this with your current partner, you can work toward sharing it one step at a time. You can go to therapy for support. No one deserves emotional abuse and coercion.

Here's a stylized image of the quote, and I'll include the text below to accommodate vision differences and screen readers.

Text in the image says: You deserve to be loved by someone who sees beyond your health conditions to see your fire, your spirit, your creativity, your intelligence, your compassion, and your strength.

Your children deserve to witness this kind of love. Even if it doesn’t happen before they find their families, they deserve to have a mother who knows the value of this kind of love.

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