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Rachel's life has summoned her from the green oasis of Maryland back to the Utah desert. Now, she plays tug-of-war between her love of storytelling, teaching elementary school, and chasing her two children.

Rachel loves tent camping, ballroom dancing, and binge-reading.

She currently focuses on love and self-care by making space for her feelings and experiences. 

She offers SEO Content writing, SEO editing services, and editing for fiction projects.
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A Little Backstory

Rachel grew up in the rolling hills of the Palouse in Washington State. She is a member of the chronic illness community due to her battles with multiple autoimmune diseases, depression, and anxiety. Her weight has fluctuated, but she strives to find peace in self-love at any and every size as part of her recovery from disordered eating.

Writing and delving into her characters' points of view enlightened her to the fact that she is demi-sexual (on the asexual spectrum). Once learning that, an impressive amount of her relationship history made oodles of sense.

She grew up in a large family with eight siblings. Fortunately, they can laugh about family drama, and it remains an endless source of humor and bonding.


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